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Summer Theme 2018

 Dear Parents                                                                                              Just to let you know about our exciting Summer plan for Sunday Club!    

 For the next few weeks we will be following the story of the Sermon on the Mount which can be found in Matthew Chapter 5. The sermon begins with what are known as The Beatitudes in which Jesus lists people that will be blessed by God and therefore will be happy.

Our main idea is that these are BE attitudes not Me attitudes and should help us understand how we can be blessed.

The children will be learning about 2 Beatitudes each week and will be making lots of bee craft which we will put on display in the Church. Later in the year the grown ups will also look at the Beatitudes and hopefully our display will help them!

In September we will continue with the Sermon on the Mount looking at the Lord’s Prayer and how each of us can be a Light in the World.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Have a restful and relaxing summer!

God Bless                                                                                                    The Sunday Club Team


We are always thrilled to have so many new parents at St Paul’s Sunday Club and so wanted to take this opportunity to give you some information, encourage you to get involved and let you know how things work.

How Sunday Club Works!

Working with children is always a joy and a challenge and we are hopefully all prepared for the unpredictable nature of this work.  Here are a few things to note that can help leaders and children get the most from Sunday club and also to explain why we do what we do here at St Paul’s. 

Sunday Club is linked to the pattern of services in the church through the month.

·         1st and 3rd Sundays – children go into church first with their parents, there is a short informal communion at the start of the service after which the children leave to go to the church hall. There will be a variety of games, singing, prayer and a story or short talk after which the children will return to church during the main worship time.

·         2nd and 4th Sundays – the children start the session in the church hall. These sessions are slightly longer and enable the children to take part in craft activities as well as story, singing and prayers. The children are brought back into church at communion – which takes place towards the end of the service.

·         5th Sundays – these don’t occur that often but when they do it is a great opportunity for the whole church family to worship together in an all age service.

·         Parents are welcome to stay with children and we would encourage as many parents as possible to become leaders.  The more we all help the less there is for us all to do!   For more information speak to Roxy Deacon. 

·         Parents are also welcome to leave their children in Sunday Club to join the main church service.  We have enough leaders to meet OFSTED requirements of child/adult ratios.


·         If your child is distressed at any time one of the team will come and get you from the church.


·         Please support the leaders by encouraging children to take a full part in all the activities in Sunday Club.  Encouraging the children to sit on the mat at story time and at the end of the morning’s session is very important. Help from parents when tidying up at the end of sessions is really appreciated.


·         If your child has any special needs that you would like the Sunday Club leaders to be aware of please talk to either Roxy Deacon or Doral Hayes the parish Children’s Advocate.

·         Finally and most importantly in order to ensure the safety of all our children and in line with guidance from the Oxford Diocese all the children must be registered – so please complete a signing in sheet at the start of each session. If you can’t see one – please ask!


If you think your child will be happier in the main church service there is a carpeted children’s corner with books, colouring sheets, and packets of crayons for them to use.

God Bless

Roxy and Judy



 Tuesday’s 9.30am in St. Paul’s Church Hall -

Play, fun, crafts and singing for pre-school age children and their parents/carers.

Cost £1 per family.

Meets all year round, with Summer Fun Days.


For more details, please contact our Church Parish Office 

01628 525512