St Paul's with St Mary's Wooburn


The Friends of Wooburn Parish Church has been set up to help maintain and preserve the parish church of St. Paul, Wooburn.

We need your help in this work and everyone is welcome to become a Friend of Wooburn Parish Church: residents, businesses, artists, visitors and anyone who feels a special affinity to Wooburn Parish Church through religious, cultural or historical links.

The Church is an important and focal point of Wooburn village and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Like so many churches, the annual income of Wooburn Parish Church scarcely covers the day to day costs of running the Church.

Finding the money to pay for repairs and maintenance for Wooburn Church is becoming increasingly difficult.

* Did you know that it costs hundreds of pounds a day to keep the church open for everyone?

This is where the Friends of Wooburn Parish Church can help.

Just as previous generations have given generously to preserve our heritage now it is our turn to ensure that a vital piece of history and our heritage is kept alive.

Funds are needed to support the fabric of the church - the building and churchyard, fixtures and furniture, stained glass and ornaments and any special projects that would enhance the beauty of this fine building.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Wooburn Parish Church please contact us at

Friends of Wooburn Parish Church