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We are working with the Walk Centre a UK registered charity (UK registered charity number 1129576) which provides grants to The Walk Children’s Church in Nakuru, Kenya which helps slum-dwelling children and their families by providing education, healthcare and food aid.

Here is Sophie's report of the 2017 trip:-

On Friday 31st March 2017, 6 individuals from St Paul’s church (Sam, Wullie, Bella, Archie, Paul and Sophie) set out for a 2½ week visit to the Walk Centre.


Our trip started in the UK with very canny packing so that we were able to make full use of our massive baggage allowance.  We took 10 full suitcases of items for the Walk.  We had handmade clothes (dresses, skirts, fleece jumpers, shorts, hats, snoods, scarves and fingerless mittens), knitted teddy bears, knitted blankets, man-made clothes and 60 school bags and satchels.


We were also extremely fortunate to have been given 300kg of free air freight, so we filled 16 big boxes with shoes, more man-made clothes, medical supplies, glasses and stationery.  The freight was dispatched once we arrived in Kenya and, due to a few logistical issues, did not arrive at the Walk Centre until after we had returned to the UK again.  This didn’t matter though; the teachers at the Walk arranged a special day with the children and their families and everything in the freight was distributed amongst everybody.


We distributed the items in the suitcases over about 3 days at the Walk and it was fantastic to see every child receive something.  There was enough for the older children to have something too (children who used to attend the Walk Centre and have now moved up to High School) and we had brought some pretty scarves for the teachers.  The playground was a riot of colour afterwards and the children were all really excited about what they had received.


All 6 of us in the group had visited the Walk Centre before, and it was brilliant to see all of the children again, and to see them looking so well.  One child in particular had looked extremely frail and malnourished when we all visited in 2016, but the transformation a year later was incredible.  She had bright eyes, had put on weight and was extremely smiley.  It was very affirming to see the benefits for the children of being fed twice a day, six days a week, at the Walk.


It was also interesting to see the building work that had been taking place at the school and the progress that had been made.  The Walk Centre is currently building additional classrooms so that children do not have to leave the school once they reach the age of 8.  The nurturing environment of the school, coupled with its faith, is really important for the children and it is better that they are able to stay at the school for as long as possible.  Two new classrooms are currently operational, and further classrooms and a dining room are under construction.  Children will now be able to stay at the school until the age of 14 years, before moving on.  The Walk Centre’s long term vision is to also replace all of the existing corrugated iron classrooms.  These get extremely hot inside, and are also quite small, so are not a comfortable learning environment for the children.  The new classrooms are larger and considerably cooler.


As well as the items we had brought out from the UK, we had also brought some money from fundraising activities and from individual donations.  We sat down with Fred (Operations Manager) and Gladys (Headteacher) to talk about some of their wishes for what we could use the money for.  They prioritised the list in order of need, and we were able to supply the school with some of the items that they had requested.  We were able to buy 50 desks and chairs, 50 uniforms, 250 pairs of socks, 200 plates and 200 cups, a water tank, stand and taps, 4 bags of beans and 4 bags of rice (to provide some variation in the children’s diet), 20 Bibles, food parcels for 20 of the neediest families, textbooks, various items for the kitchen and various stationery items.


We were able to do a phenomenal amount, and we are thankful for the generosity of our supporters which enabled us to achieve what we did. The uniforms and the socks will be things that the children will take a huge amount of pride in and will really help them to feel part of the school community.  The plates and mugs will make a huge difference – at the moment there are not enough for all of the children so some children have to wait until 1 child has finished and then wash up their plate or mug before they can get their food.


It was another fantastic visit with highs and lows, some sad times and a lot of laughter as well.  We all feel very privileged to have been able to go again and spend time there.


Sophie – July 2017


As well as helping with the charity's many projects we aim to provide girls with handmade dresses and boys with handmade shorts and all children with hats. Please go to the web-site below for details of the forthcoming workshops in 2017:

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